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Platform Number One

Slow avec des paroles en anglais destiné à notre future (et néanmoins imminente) immense carrière internationale...

Paroles : Sophie Rouvre

Musique : Benoît Quévy

Endless evening

For you I'm craving

Time is too short

for so much, so much love



Over the river

I hear your laugher

ships are sailing

like garlands flashing



I'm standing

On plateform number one

You're on this train

So close, so far away





My heart is warm

and cold, at same time

I feel sad glancing

Some couples kissing



Our bodies danse

and the music danse

In the cloudy City

With smoke rings hazy


Time of lightness

Time of happiness

Only your eyes shining

While evebody's sleeping



You're far away

And this slow melody

Deep  is nipping me

Just  like  eternity